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The Business Innovation Center at Churchill provides a place to develop your business and realize your potential.  The Business Innovation Center at Churchill is a shared business environment providing physical and expert resources and a creative, collaborative environment to transform your idea into reality.

It’s not just a great facility, it’s a program designed to connect business innovators, market experts and capital providers to transform business ideas into viable business ventures. The Business Innovation Center at Churchill provides an atmosphere in which start-up businesses can survive and prosper. Our programs – including consultations, seminars and courses, a virtual tenant program, and other outreach programs – are available to Churchill tenants as well as member businesses throughout the Southeast Louisiana region.

The Business Innovation Center at Churchill is a project of the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission.


The Business Innovation Center at Churchill is designed to serve early-stage growth businesses in varying stages of development that can benefit from access to the expertise and resources available through the Center.

Advantages of working through the Business Innovation Center at Churchill include lower operating costs, insight into the business world, interaction with other entrepreneurs, and direct interaction with business experts and resources – all with the goal of developing your business.

Tenant Member Program

The Center provides the space, the services and the assistance you need to help overcome the initial challenges faced by beginning businesses. The space includes:

  • Offices
  • Furniture
  • Conference rooms
  • Internet/wireless
  • Telephone
  • Professional staff
  • 24/7 building access
  • All Member Services

Virtual Member Program

The Virtual Member Program provides entrepreneurs support and resources without renting office space. Virtual Members are able to operate from an outside location, but still receive many of the benefits Center tenants receive.

Member Services

Mentoring – The Business Innovation Center at Churchill works closely with members through the business mentoring program to assess and develop their business potential by assisting with feasibility analysis, market assessment and segmentation, business plan refinement, and general business support. Members have access to the Center’s staff, business advisors and professional service providers through the Center’s network of resources.

Resources – The Center provides its members with access to resources essential for successful companies, including access to accounting and legal firms, marketing, public relations professionals and staffing services.

Networking – By building strong relationships with industry experts, potential customers, leadership talent, service providers, and others, the Center provides its members with access to resources that are essential for successful commercial development.

Early Stage Capital Providers – The center cultivates relationships with angel and venture groups and other providers of early-stage funding so that members can learn about and explore appropriate funding avenues and develop leads for funding resources when the need for capital arises.

Seminars – The Center provides seminars on a variety of topics such as business plan writing, preparing for investment, presentation skills, challenges for growth, accounting, marketing, intellectual property, and legal issues for business.

JEDCO Technology Incubator (map)
700 Churchill Blvd.
Avondale, LA 70092
(504) 875-3908

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