Business and Tax Incentives

The following is a list of programs available to businesses moving to or expanding in our community. Click on the title for more information about each one. For even more information on these or any other incentives, please contact JEDCO at (504) 875-3908.

Business Retention and Modernization Tax Credit Program

The Business Retention and Modernization Tax Credit program was created to induce businesses to remain in Louisiana and to modernize existing operations. Read more »

Angel Investor Tax Credit

Provides a refundable tax credit for early stages of investment in Louisiana-based start-up businesses by allowing an accredited investor to receive a 35% tax credit, divided into portions of 10% annually for five years, on personal income or corporate franchise tax liabilities owed to the state. Additional information is available at the Louisiana Department of Economic Development website. Read more »

Technology Commercialization Tax Credit

The technology commercialization credit offers tax credits to encourage Louisiana businesses to commercialize research conducted at Louisiana universities and to promote job creation. Read more »

Research & Development Tax Credit

The R&D tax credit encourages Louisiana businesses to invest in and increase their existing levels of R&D by offering tax credits against state income and corporation franchise taxes. Read more »

Entertainment Industry Tax Credits

Louisiana offers tax incentive programs designed to encourage motion picture, sound recording, musical and theatrical, and digital interactive media production in our state. Read more »

Corporate Jobs Tax Credit

Any corporation that establishes or expands in Louisiana may qualify for a one-time tax credit ranging from $100 to $225 for each new job created. The credits can be used to satisfy state corporate income tax obligations, up to 50 percent of the tax liability. Read more »

Inventory Tax Credit Program

Established in 1991, this program allows ad valorem taxes levied on business inventories to be credited toward state income and corporate franchise taxes. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are eligible to receive a 100 percent credit of local inventory taxes paid. Read more »

Manufacturing Sales Tax Exclusion

Certified Parish manufacturers can qualify for 100% exclusion from local sales and use taxes on qualified manufacturing equipment. Read more »

Restoration Tax Abatement Program

Commercial property owners and homeowners who expand, restore or improve an existing structure located in a Downtown Development District, Economic Development District or Historic District may qualify to have the ad valorem property taxes on substantial renovations and improvements deferred for up to 10 years. Jefferson Parish has several economic development districts on the east and west banks. Read more »

Industrial Tax Exemption Program

The Industrial Property Tax Exemption abates, up to ten years, local property taxes (ad valorem) on a manufacturer’s new investment and annual capitalized additions. This exemption applies to all improvements to the land, buildings, machinery, equipment and any other property that is part of the manufacturing process. The land itself is not eligible for tax exemption. Read more »

Quality Jobs Program

The Quality Jobs Program provides both payroll and sales/use tax rebates to encourage businesses to locate or expand in Louisiana. Read more »

Enterprise Zone Program

The Enterprise Zone Program provides Louisiana income and corporate franchise tax credits to businesses creating net new permanent jobs. Fifty percent of all net new hires must meet at least one of four certification requirements. Read more »