JEDCO Entrepreneur Challenge Application

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Is your company located in Jefferson Parish? Where?

If your company is not located in Jefferson Parish, what is your connection to JP?

Why did you decide to locate in Jefferson Parish?

How many employees do you have?

Current revenue for fiscal year 2013?

Is your business a for-profit company?

Please describe your business or business concept in 200 words or less?

Which of the following would be most valuable for your business?

If "other" was chosen for the most valuable for your business, why?

What is the market you are trying to address? What is new, interesting or different about what your company is doing?

How big is the market you are addressing?

Who is your target market? Who would buy your product or service?

How does your company make money? How do you generate revenue?

At what stage is your business?

Do you have financial projections for your company? Where do you want your company to be performing in five years?

What are the key challenges facing your business right now?

What/who is your competition?

What is your competitive advantage? What sets your company apart?

Why are you the right entrepreneur for this business? Please explain what relevant experience you have.

Are you a founder of this business? If you have partners/founders/investors, please list their role/responsibilities.

What do you hope to accomplish by participating in the JEDCO Entrepreneur Challenge? Why is this the right time for your business to participate?

Last year, our winner received almost $20,000 in cash. What would you do with the prize money?

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