Business & Tax Incentives

Technology Commercialization Tax Credit

The technology commercialization credit offers a refundable tax credit on state income or corporate franchise tax liability to encourage Louisiana businesses to commercialize research conducted at a regionally accredited college, technical school or university in Louisiana. Qualifying companies can claim a refundable 28.8% tax credit of the cost to purchase or lease machinery and equipment and of expenditures for obtaining rights to use technology, including patents, copyrights and licenses as well as payments to Louisiana universities for research agreement, or to third party Louisiana research or clinical trial companies. The credit is available for up to ten years.  Tax credit based on the creation of new jobs is equal to 4.32 percent of the gross payroll of new direct jobs.  Unused tax credits may be carried forward for up to 20 years.

Participation in the Technology Commercialization Tax Credit and Jobs program excludes the use of the Quality Jobs program, Enterprise Zone program, and/or the Corporate Jobs Tax Credit program. Application and other filing fees apply.

The Technology Commercialization Tax Credit program is administered by Louisiana Economic Development. For information, please contact:
Shamelda Pete
Program Manager
Phone: (225) 342-5341