People, Prosperity, Placemaking: The Future of Jefferson Parish

On December 16, 2020, JEDCO took a moment to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to the future of Jefferson Parish economic development. Under normal circumstances, JEDCO’s annual meeting would have been held in a large ballroom full of key partners, elected officials and supporters. Instead, the event was held virtually this year to ensure the continued safety of our community.

In a year of hardship, loss and uncertainty, JEDCO rose to the challenge of continuing its role as a partner, a resource, and a champion for the local business community. At this annual meeting, JEDCO shared the ways in which it was able to support businesses in the midst of a global pandemic, highlighting key wins and successful projects and initiatives. While JEDCO took this opportunity to look back, the main focus of the event was on the months and years ahead of us.

All year long, the JEDCO team has been hard at work to develop a strategy for the future of this community’s economy. With support from Austin-based consulting firm TIP Strategies, JEDCO sought input from stakeholders and key partners across the region to help chart a course for the next five years. The Jefferson EDGE 2025, the long-term economic development strategic plan for Jefferson Parish, will inform many of JEDCO’s economic development actions to support target industry clusters; enhance focus on diversity, equity and inclusion; and elevate the sense of place in Jefferson Parish.

JEDCO provided attendees with a first look at the new Jefferson EDGE plan. As one of organization’s largest and most impactful initiatives, the Jefferson EDGE 2025 will set the community on a course to a stronger and brighter economic future. John Karras and Jon Roberts of the Austin-based consulting firm provided key findings that helped inform the new plan. Then, they presented key goals and actions designed to stimulate innovation, attract investment, create jobs, enhance equitable and inclusive practices across the parish, and continue to maintain our status as a destination for business.

Find links to the full event below

Comments from 2020 Chairman, Mickal Adler

EDGE 2025 Presentation and 2020 JEDCO Year in Review

Comments from 2021 Chairwoman, Teresa Lawrence

EDGE Findings – Presentation (PDF)

The Jefferson EDGE must go before the Jefferson Parish Council and the JEDCO Board of Commissioners before it is officially adopted. That will happen in early 2021. We are so excited for what the future holds!