JEDCO Entrepreneur Challenge Application

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Please describe your business or business concept. Include business description as well as services and products offered. (Limit 500 words)

How does your business contribute to the Jefferson Parish economy?

Who is your target market? How big is it, and do you expect it to change over time? (Limit 500 words)

Date your business opened OR planned opening date:?

Is your business a for-profit company?

Is your business generating revenue currently?

Please share your 2019 fiscal year gross sales.

What is your anticipated gross annual sales two (2) years from now (fiscal year 2022)?

How many employees do you have?

Based on projected growth, how many employees do you expect to have in 2 years?

Why are you the right entrepreneur for this business? Please explain what relevant experience you have. (Limit 500 words)

If you have partners/co-founders/investors, please list their roles/responsibilities. What are the qualifications of your management team? (Limit 500 words)

What/who is your competition (500 words or less)?

Is this your first business venture? If not, what is/are the name(s) of the other business(es) you have created and do they currently still exist?

Please provide a list of your current competitors

What is your competitive advantage? What sets your company apart? What are you doing that is new, interesting or innovative? (Limit 500 words)

How are you promoting your products or services currently?

What are the key challenges facing your business right now? (Limit 500 words)

Are you currently paying yourself and your employees a salary? If not, how many years before you will be able to generate enough revenue to do so?

How will you use the prize money to grow your business? (Limit 500 words)

Is there anything else you want to share about your company? For example, does your company’s product or service serve to impact community development; offer a solution for sustainability or green-thinking; or utilize other local products? This is the place to share anything else about your business that you’ve not already included in other parts of the application. (Limit 500 words)

Which of the following would be most valuable for your business?

If other, explain:

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