Press Releases

Coconut Beach will break ground in Kenner

Mayor Mike S.Yenni, The Kenner City Council and the owners of Coconut Beach are excited to announce the ground breaking for the New Coconut Beach Volleyball Complex to be located at 100 Ring Road, Kenner on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 10:00 AM.

Coconut Beach will be a twenty-two court man made sand beach volleyball complex. Coconut Beach is the largest man made sand complex in the United States. It is expected to bring in over 4,000 players a week in organized leagues and/or sanctioned tournaments.

The Kenner Administration has worked diligently for the past few years to work out an agreement with Coconut Beach to move to the city. This will be the launching point for economic development in the Laketown portion of the city. This should help increase sales tax, and bring the young professional crowd that the city of Kenner on a regular basis.

Coconut Beach has operated at West End, New Orleans for the past 25 years. Finances raised over the years have been reinvested into improving the complex annually. Coconut beach closed its doors in West End on January 17, 2012 and is excited to have a new location in Kenner to call home.

Coconut Beach is a draw for high school students, college students, and the everyday person to use for practice and conditioning in the lavish sands of the complex. Coconut Beach is recognized by the United States Beach Volleyball Community, as one of the top locations to host and play volleyball in the country.

Coconut Beach has hosted 8 nationally televised volleyball events, 2 National AAU Beach Volleyball Championships and over 600 regional tournaments. They have hosted over 40 charity events and helped raise over 1 Million Dollars for those charities. There hopes are to be up and running for the Children’s Hospital Charity Tournament on June 2, 2012.