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The Jefferson EDGE 2020 is the long-term economic development strategic plan to promote sustainability, job growth and investment in Jefferson Parish. Over the course of its nearly 20-year history, the EDGE has served as a road map for our community’s development. Through proactive efforts of our stakeholders, JEDCO, and elected officials, the EDGE has delivered game-changing initiatives such as the development of the 500-acre Churchill Technology & Business Park and quality of life improvements to the Parish. In 2020, JEDCO will work with stakeholders and the community to provide The Jefferson EDGE with a new five-year update, developing goals, economic development initiatives, and actionable steps for job growth and investment through 2025.


Many of Jefferson Parish’s most exciting progress and initiatives were born out of the Jefferson EDGE.

          • Funded the development of the Churchill Technology & Business Park
          • The JEDCO Complex opened in 2011, including administrative offices and the Business Innovation Center
          • Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy opened in the tech park in 2013
          • Fat City TIF District created in 2008 and new zoning ordinances to improve business investment and quality of life were enacted in Fat City in 2010.
          • Prioritized the spending of $14 billion on hurricane protection improvements
          • $1 billion spent to improve internal drainage infrastructure
          • $3 million spent on beautification projects around the community
          • JEDCO-Ochsner Technical Assistance Panel arrived at recommendations that include a mixed-use walkable city center with improved public transit and destination health care at its core for the Jefferson Highway Corridor
          • Master plan for Churchill Technology & Business Park developed in 2018
          • Blue Ribbon Committee developed the Jefferson Parish Housing Stock Enhancement Strategic Plan toward neighborhood revitalization
          • Terrytown selected in 2018 as the first pilot neighborhood for dedicated housing stock and community improvement initiatives, with the Terrytown Neighborhood Revitalization Strategic Plan developed and approved in 2019
          • Purchase and redevelopment of Avondale Shipyard by Avondale Marine, re-envisioning the site as a multi-modal manufacturing and logistics park
            Development of the Jefferson Technology Alliance, a group of Jefferson Parish tech companies as well as educational partners focused on growing and supporting the GNO tech community.
          • Development of the Jefferson Technology Alliance, a group of Jefferson Parish tech companies as well as educational partners focused on growing and supporting the GNO tech community.
          • 27 A & B schools in Jefferson Parish

Industry Clusters

In 2015, a group of 150 business and civic leaders identified the five industry clusters with the greatest opportunity for growth in Jefferson Parish.

The EDGE strategy allows JEDCO to target the needs of these five industries while also focusing on the other industries and businesses that drive the Parish’s success. Jefferson’s proximity to supply chains and a large capacity to house food manufacturers has made it a desirable home for companies in this industry cluster.

Food, Beverage, Fishing & Seafood

Louisiana, and specifically the New Orleans region, is well known for its delicious and unique cuisine and food products. Jefferson Parish is home to many food and beverage companies, many of which have national and international recognition, as well as seafood processors and commercial fishing operations.

Water Transportation, Distribution, Logistics

This is a foundational industry cluster in Jefferson Parish and the region. Jefferson’s hard assets, including the Harvey Canal, interstate highways, Mississippi River, multiple Class 1 railroads, and the Louis Armstrong International Airport, combine for a multi-modal location unrivaled in the Gulf South.

Health Care

This industry cluster is the largest employer in the Parish, providing high average wages and attracting top talent to the region. Jefferson Parish leaders work on a regional level to support destination healthcare and continued growth in the Jefferson facilities. Growth in this industry cluster is already visible as Ochsner Health System begins planned improvements along the Jefferson Highway corridor while East Jefferson General Hospital and West Jefferson Medical Center expand their offerings around the Parish to provide easier access to care.

IT Systems and Products

The tech industry already has strong roots in Jefferson Parish. It is home to companies that boast an international reach from right here. To grow this industry, many target tech companies fit right into Jefferson’s existing industries such as engineering, health care, construction and water transportation. By tying the EDGE plan’s targeted clusters together with information technology, the IT industry can be the connective tissue that helps all Jefferson businesses prosper. To support this industry, JEDCO created the Jefferson Technology Alliance (“JeffTech”), where existing technology companies as well as university and educational partners meet quarterly and discuss a wide range of topics pertinent to the success of tech in Jefferson Parish and the GNO region. For more information on how to join this group, email or call JEDCO at (504) 875-3908.”

Established in 2018, the Jefferson Technology Alliance (JeffTech) group connects Jefferson based tech companies, higher education partners, Jefferson Parish School District, and others for roundtable meetings on various topics throughout the year. The meetings have provided a flow of information between tech companies, JEDCO and invited speakers that help companies be informed of Parish and region wide initiatives, gather their feedback as tech company executives, and assist schools as well as JEDCO of the strengths and challenges in their industry.

Environmental Management

This up-and-coming industry is the result of tremendous regional planning and development activity that came out of the realization that Louisiana can and must be a leader in water management and coastal restoration. Businesses in this industry run the gamut from engineering and construction firms that work in coastal environments to stormwater planning and waste management. This industry is poised to grow locally as a continued emphasis is placed on restoring our coast and determining best practices to live with water.

Cross Cutting Issues

Through the Jefferson EDGE 2020, we identified five very important issues that have an impact on businesses across all industry clusters. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and competitive on a national level by tackling these big issues a little bit at a time.


Jefferson Parish is has made significant progress in permitting. However, we believe in being the best at what we do. We believe pushing further and developing a new standard of excellence is achievable. The proactive teams in the Parish’s Code Enforcement and Planning Departments stand ready to support business needs.

Marketing & Market Expansion

We strongly believe in sharing our story with our community and the rest of the world. JEDCO will continue to market its core services: business retention, expansion, and attraction. Through the EDGE, we will also marketing our targeted industry clusters and develop programming to connect JP firms to expanding national and international markets.

Churchill Park & Fairfield

The acquisition and development of Churchill Technology and Business Park marks one of the biggest accomplishments in the EDGE’s long history. The park is home to JEDCO’s headquarters, the JEDCO Conference Center, the Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy, and Delgado Community College’s River City Campus and Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence. As Churchill grows, JEDCO has updated the vision for the park’s future through the development of a new master plan.

Workforce Development & Mobility

Workforce development and mobility is an incredibly important issue in Jefferson Parish, the region, the state, and nationally. JEDCO and our partners want to reduce barriers to employment and connect businesses to skilled workers. Through comprehensive workforce recruitment programs at the high school level and advocating for improved transit connections to enhance workforce mobility, we’re making strides to connect our residents with quality jobs.

World of Work
Westbank Business and Industry Assocation
Delgado Community College

Manufacturing Summit – Produced by JEDCO and held at Delgado’s Advanced Manufacturing Center, this annual event connects local manufacturers with educational resources and training programs to support workforce development in manufacturing industries through panel discussions, displays and networking opportunities.

Building Stock – Commercial and Residential

In order to attract new residents, including young professionals, to the Parish, we need to update our housing stock. To compete for the next generation of residents, Jefferson Parish is exploring how to increase availability of differing types of housing to satisfy more segments of the market. In 2016, JEDCO established a blue-ribbon committee to tackle Housing Revitalization. The group developed a suite of recommendations, outlined in the Housing Enhancement Study, including selecting a pilot neighborhood to enact programs and other initiatives to improve housing and quality of life. In 2018, the Jefferson Parish Council selected Terrytown as the first pilot neighborhood for dedicated housing stock and community improvement initiatives. With the support from the Council and a wide range of partners, JEDCO, Jefferson Parish Planning, and Tulane’s Small Center for Collaborative Design developed the Terrytown Neighborhood Revitalization Strategic Plan developed, which was approved and adopted in late 2019.

Invest in the Jefferson EDGE

Why Invest In The EDGE?

Through private funding and investment, the Jefferson EDGE has delivered key initiatives to the community, consistently evolving to meet the needs of Jefferson Parish. While many of the action items and recommendations of the Jefferson EDGE can and have been implemented by JEDCO alone, the major initiatives that create catalytic change in the Parish require seed funding. Private investment in the EDGE fund is the difference between realizing these major initiatives and losing momentum on our path to success. Public-private partnership gives Jefferson Parish a competitive EDGE.

The EDGE Investor levels represent the contribution amount received annually.

Visionary: $25,000+ Level

Innovator: $10,000+ Level

Thank You For Your Support

We could not implement game-changing initiatives without the support of our business community.  We are grateful to our many EDGE Investors who have shaped the future of Jefferson Parish with their generous contributions.

Groundbreaker: $5,000+ Level

Influencer: $2,500 Level

Acme Truck Line, Inc.
Daul Insurance
Delta Personnel
Gibbs Construction
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company
Hollis Companies
Wayne Landwerlin – Gallagher Benefit Services Inc.
Xplore Federal Credit Union

Collaborator: $1,000 Level

Advantous Consulting
Bryan Imports Co.
Home Bank
LaPorte CPAs and Business Advisors
J.B. Levert Land Co., LLC
Richard CPAs
Waldemar S. Nelson & Company

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