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Subaru reveals new sports car at Nola Motorsports Park

Hundreds of Subaru dealers from all over the country were in Jefferson Parish last week for the launch of the company’s brand new sports car. Company executives revealed the Subaru BRZ at NOLA Motorsports Park on May 21st. Dealers and top sales consultants spent the rest of the week testing the vehicle at the state-of-the-art Motorsports Park in Avondale.

The event brought thousands of people to the track over a four-day period. Subaru executives estimate they filled up to 4,000 hotel rooms for the event. It’s the first car company to hold a large event at the Park.

Subaru executives chose NOLA Motorsports Park as the location for their launch because of its close proximity to New Orleans and its unique complex. NOLA Motorsports Park is a $70 million, 750-acre facility. The Park boasts an international standard racetrack, a Go Kart facility, and space for large events. The track is just twenty minutes from downtown New Orleans.

The Park, which officially opened in August, is the state’s largest privately funded project. It’s projected to bring a big boost for economic development in Jefferson Parish.

“We are thrilled Jefferson Parish was selected to host this exciting event,” says Parish President John Young. “Nola Motorsports has been a tremendous addition to the area and this event is a true indicator that this one-of-a-kind development is going to be a valuable asset for the Jefferson Parish economy moving forward.”

“We’re confident this is just the beginning for NOLA Motorsports Park,” adds JEDCO Executive Director Lucien Gunter. “The Park is truly something special. I’m hopeful that its unique atmosphere will attract other well-known companies to the region as well.”

Subaru of America is based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The company has enjoyed strong sales growth in recent years, setting consecutive sales records in the US from 2008 to today.  The latest model from Subaru is the sporty BRZ which heralds a return to the true sports car.  Powered by a 200hp “Boxer” engine, the Subaru BRZ delivers excellent handling and brings Subaru fun-to-drive engineering to a new base of customers.