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JEDCO Appoints New Chairman of the Board

The Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) would like to introduce the 2013 Board of Commissioners and Board Officers to the community. The 20 individuals who serve on the JEDCO Board represent area business organizations and parish leaders. They work closely with the JEDCO staff to achieve the organization’s mission of attracting, retaining and expanding business in Jefferson Parish.

Stan Salathe was selected by the JEDCO nominating committee as the 2013 Chairman of the Board. Stan has been a board member since March 2010, serving JEDCO as the Board’s Vice Chairman and a member of several committees. Stan owns Salathe Oil Company, a wholesale petroleum business. He’s been running the company since 1998. He is also the owner of Salathe Gas Company. Founded in 2003, Salathe Gas distributes Blue Rhino propane to all of Louisiana and Mississippi south of Jackson. Stan is an active member in 14 different church, business and charitable organizations.

The JEDCO Board of Commissioners welcomed Bruce Layburn to the organization this year. Bruce was nominated to the committee by the Home Builders Association. He is a residential developer with more than 40 years of experience. Bruce is a director of the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, as well as a member of the Jefferson Parish Citizen’s Advisory Board and the Envision Jefferson 2020 Steering Committee. Bruce was also the Greater New Orleans representative for the former Louisiana Home Owner’s Warranty Board.

The Jefferson Parish President nominates one representative to serve on the JEDCO Board of Commissioners. The Parish Council nominates seven members and 13 board appointees represent local business organizations. Business representatives serve five years. Those board members nominated by the Parish Council and President serve for the duration of the nominator’s term in office.

2013 JEDCO Board of   Commissioners

Nominating Organization

Stan Salathe  – Chairman

Harvey Canal Industrial   Association

Mike Rongey – Vice Chairman

Councilman At-Large, Division B – Elton Lagasse

Greg Jordan –   Treasurer

Jefferson Chamber of   Commerce-Eastbank

Paul Rivera – Secretary

J.P. Marine Fisheries Advisory Board

Mario Bazile

District 5 – Cynthia Lee Sheng

Manny Blanco (Past   Chairman)

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

David Colvin

Jefferson Chamber of   Commerce-Westbank

Tina Dandry-Mayes

Women Business Council Gulf Coast

Bruce Dantin

District 2 – Paul Johnston

Joe Ewell (Past Chairman)

District 3 – Mark Spears

Jim Garvey (Past Chairman)

Committee for Better Jefferson

Roy Gattuso

District 1 – Ricky Templet

Steve LaChute

Councilman At Large, Division A  – Chris Roberts

Bruce Layburn

Home Builders Association

Joe Liss

East Jefferson Business Association

Mark Madderra

Apartment Association of Greater N.O.

Dr. Vinicio   Madrigal (Past Chairman)

Parish President – John Young

Lynda Nugent-Smith   (Past Chairwoman)

N.O. Metropolitan Association of Realtors

Bill Peperone (Past Chairman)

District 4 – Ben Zahn

John Tobler

Elmwood Business Association

Patrice Williams-Smith

Greater New Orleans Black Chamber of Commerce