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JEDCO celebrates grand opening of first cidery in Jefferson Parish

(JEFFERSON PARISH, La) — The Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) is pleased to  announce the grand opening of a new cidery and tap room in Jefferson Parish. On Thursday, JEDCO joined local officials to cut the ribbon on Kingfish Cider, the first business of its kind in Jefferson Parish.

The opening of the new cidery and  tap room represents a multi-million-dollar investment in Jefferson Parish. JEDCO financed part of the project through the JEDgrow Loan Program.  The loan was used for leasehold improvements, furniture, fixtures and equipment, as well as working capital. JEDCO also provided numerous site searches and community interface throughout the three-year long development of the project.

The attraction of breweries, distilleries, and tap rooms has been a multi-year priority of JEDCO and was included in The Jefferson EDGE 2020 and 2025 economic development strategic plans. JEDCO worked in partnership with Jefferson Parish to review best practices and strategies in comparable communities across the United States to encourage the development and growth of breweries and distilleries in Jefferson.

“We are proud to celebrate the grand opening of the first cidery located in Jefferson Parish,” said JEDCO President and CEO Jerry Bologna. “JEDCO has long sought to create opportunities where this kind of business could open its doors in Jefferson Parish. Colleen’s decision to locate Kingfish Cider in Jefferson Parish paves the way for other breweries and distilleries to follow, creating new jobs and investment in the process. We thank Colleen for being an industry pioneer in Jefferson Parish and look forward to a long-term partnership with Kingfish Cider.”

Founded by Colleen Keogh, the micro-distillery brews hard cider and perry, alcoholic beverages made with apples, pears, and local ingredients.  The business offers a unique Louisiana-specific spin on the cider industry. The cidery is named after the infamous Louisiana politician, Huey P. Long, whose nickname was “The Kingfish.” Keogh’s tap room offers a vintage, prohibition era aesthetic steeped in Louisiana history and culture. It features antique cars and artwork throughout the space.

“I’m very excited that my vision has come to fruition,” said Colleen Keogh, founder of Kingfish Cider. “I’ve worked towards this goal for years and there have been many obstacles to overcome. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the assistance I received from JEDCO. They are a great resource and assisted me all along the way. I feel like the placement of the business will be key to Kingfish Cider’s success. We are in a great area that is seeing a lot of growth and potential for the future. It will be thrilling to see how we can prosper and grow over the years and contribute to our community’s well-being.”

Three years ago, Keogh visited a craft brewery in another state and decided she wanted to open one in Louisiana. She spent several years creating and taste-testing her ciders at events like NOLA on Tap before finally launching the business. Kingfish is one of the few solely female owned breweries in the country and the only one in Jefferson Parish.

“It takes perseverance, determination and passion to start a business. More than that, it takes great strength and patience to start the first business of its kind in a community,”  said Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng. “This grand opening is a testament to Colleen’s vision and to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in place to guide new business owners. It is one of the many reasons that Jefferson Parish has become a destination for businesses of all sizes and industries. We are proud Kingfish Cider has chosen to call Jefferson Parish home and we look forward to supporting this venture as it continues to grow and thrive in our community.”

“I would like to commend Kingish Cider for investing in District 2 and providing a unique gathering space for our residents,” said District 2 Councilman Deano Bonano. “Kingfish will give this key economic corridor an added sense of place and increased quality of life while also adding value as a tourism destination. This new business elevates the entire area. We are delighted to welcome Kingfish Cider to Jefferson Parish.”

Right now, Kingfish offers four ciders, including the Huey Perry, a cider made from pears, and the Uncle Earl, a hopped cider. Those are served on tap alongside several local craft beers and cider cocktails. Kingfish plans to produce up to 11,000 gallons of cider annually.  Drinks are currently served at the tap room only, but Keogh plans to expand the business for distribution in the future.

Located at 355 Iris Avenue in Jefferson Parish, Kingfish Cider is open Wednesday and Thursday from 12 pm-6 pm, Friday and Saturday from 12 pm-8 pm and on Sundays from 1 pm-6 pm. The tap room is closed on Monday and Tuesday.