Façade Improvement Program

19 projects have been approved through the first-ever Jefferson Parish Facade Improvement Program
The deadline to submit an application to participate in the Facade Improvement program has passed. JEDCO and the Jefferson Parish Office of Community Development received 30 applications and approved 19 projects in Fat City and a portion of the Jefferson Highway corridor to move forward in two phases.

Approved businesses have received or will receive up to $50,000 for a variety of exterior improvements, including replacing windows, redoing stucco exterior, installing new landscaping, applying a fresh coat of paint and installing new exterior lighting. The loans will be forgiven entirely after a three-year compliance period.

All proposals were evaluated by JEDCO and the Jefferson Parish Office of Community Development based on certain criteria, including relevance of the proposed project to the Facade Improvement Program’s overall mission, visual impact, community impact, economic impact and permanence of proposed improvements.

All projects must proceed through Jefferson Parish Planning and through the normal channels at Jefferson Parish Code Enforcement. The specific permits and planning requirements are dependent on the proposed project. Once applicants to the program are cleared by Jefferson Parish Planning and select a reasonably-priced contractor, they sign the program participation agreements and are cleared to begin construction.

The length of the Planning process depends on the complexity of the project, but once planning is complete the project is cleared for construction within two weeks of identifying a reasonable contractor.

Thank you to those property and business owners who share our dedication in the continuous enhancement of Jefferson Parish’s communities. We look forward to positive results from the Facade Improvement Program projects.

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