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Industrial Tax Exemption Program

Requires submittal of Advance Notification and a $250 non-refundable fee to Louisiana Economic Development and must be filed and received by the Office of Business Development/Business Incentives Division (BI) prior to starting construction, purchasing, installing equipment or hiring. The Advance Notification must be submitted electronically on the Louisiana Economic Development’s NextGEN portal of Fastlane website.

The Facts

The Louisiana Industrial Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Program (ITEP) is an original state incentive program, which offers an attractive tax incentive for manufacturers who make a commitment to jobs and payroll in the state. With approval by the Board of Commerce and Industry and local governmental entities, the program provides an 80% property tax abatement for an initial term of five years and the option to renew for five additional years at 80% property tax abatement on a manufacturer’s qualifying capital investment related to the manufacturing process in the state.


Businesses must be classified as a manufacturer or related to the manufacturing project at the project site in order to receive benefits of the ITE Program.

A manufacturer, as identified by the federal government, has a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code that begins with 31, 32 or 33. The NAICS is used as a preliminary qualification criterion. A detailed description of the activities to be considered manufacturing must be provided by the company.  The program can be used by manufacturers new to Louisiana and is also available to existing manufacturers in Louisiana with new investments to existing facilities.

It also requires local approval by governing Parish Council, Municipal Council (if it applies) the Sheriff’s Office and the School Board.

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