The Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) is an independent, yet complementary arm of Jefferson Parish government with the main objective of attracting, growing and creating new business in our area. JEDCO’s mission is to proactively influence the economy through the retention and creation of quality jobs, entrepreneurship and investment in Jefferson Parish.

JEDCO’s Role

The Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) is committed to helping businesses thrive in Jefferson Parish. Since its inception in 1987, JEDCO has aided thousands of companies through business incubator and loan programs, tax incentives and rebate programs, workforce development and information services. While dedicated to assisting existing Jefferson Parish businesses, JEDCO’s efforts also target the recruitment of new businesses for the area. For more information, please call 504.875.3908.

Business Financing

Resident businesses and companies in Jefferson Parish are eligible for loan programs administered by JEDCO that are designed to meet many financing requirements, including real estate, working capital and equipment. For more information, contact Alberto Queral at 504.875.3924.

Overview of JEDCO Loan Programs

Business Incubator Program

JEDCO, through its business incubator program, provides an environment conducive to the development of new enterprises. Business counseling, networking opportunities, seminars, office space, and shared administrative services (secretarial, phone, fax and more) are just a few of the services offered to Jefferson Parish businesses during their initial startup phase. For more information, contact Judy Horner at 504.875.3908.

Business Outreach

  • Job Retention and Expansion
    Keeping resident businesses satisfied and healthy, while encouraging them to expand in Jefferson Parish helps create new jobs and private investment. JEDCO’s one-on-one meetings, surveys, referrals and customized assistance are designed to help. For more information, contact Kate Moreano at 504.875.3908.
  • Business Attraction
    Attracting businesses from outside the region is highly competitive. JEDCO develops strategies and incentive packages to promote Jefferson Parish’s positive business climate and attractive quality of life to encourage companies to locate here. For more information, contact Kate Moreano at 504.875.3908.
  • Tax Incentive/Credits/Exemptions/Rebates
    Tax credits for job creation, tax exemptions for manufacturers, rebates of new payroll for qualifying companies, or inventory tax credits for wholesalers and distributors can provide significant savings for qualifying businesses moving to or expanding in Jefferson Parish. Find out if your business qualifies. For more information, contact Margo Ruiz at 504.875.3920.

Economic Development Services

  • Marketing Database
    JEDCO’s marketing database contains a detailed, up-to-date, computerized listing of Jefferson Parish business. This database can help businesses identify local suppliers and buyers, as well as aid you with your company’s marketing efforts. For more information, contact Margo Ruiz at 504.875.3920.
  • New Business List
    JEDCO also publishes a monthly list of new Jefferson Parish businesses. Lists may be purchased individually or as an annual subscription. For more information, contact Margo Ruiz at 504.875.3920.
  • Demographics
    Demographic data is available from JEDCO to aid you in preparing your business plan or deciding on your target market. Census data, traffic counts and Jefferson Parish statistics can also be provided. Additional demographic information is available here on our website. For more information, call (504) 875-3908.
  • Real Estate Database
    Businesses seeking information about available commercial and industrial properties may access this database. The up-to-date listings include warehouse, retail and office space; industrial buildings; and available parcels of land. For further assistance, complete the Sites & Buildings form. For more information, call (504) 875-3908.

Marketing & Public Relations

JEDCO promotes Jefferson Parish’s positive business climate locally, regionally and nationally through targeted media campaigns, tradeshow participation and regular press announcements. Our businesses can also benefit from JEDCO’s marketing expertise, such as the planning of grand openings and ribbon cutting events. Additionally, JEDCO routinely nominates small and large companies for various awards and recognition. For more information, of if you have a media inquiry, contact Kelsey Scram at 504.875.3927.