Jefferson Parish Pulse: Agua Fresca Coffee

On this episode of the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we’re excited to share an interview with Francisco Gutierrez, founder of Agua Fresca Coffee. Agua Fresca is an importer, bringing handpicked coffee beans froma¬† farm in Nicaragua to New Orleans.

Francisco grew up on a coffee farm in Nicaragua, but his family left during a tumultuous time in the country’s history. Years late, we went back to his home country and bought a coffee farm. This farm has about 40-50 employees in pre-harvest season and up to 500 during harvest.

When he launched his import business years later, Francisco knew he would need a loan. That’s where JEDCO came in. Francisco used a JEDgrow Loan for costs associated with his startup.

In addition to running a coffee farm and import business, Francisco also holds a job in the medical industry. He is a pulminary perfusionist, running the heart-lung machines during open heart surgery.

On the show, Francisco talks about returning to his family roots and juggling several demanding jobs. His passion for all of his careers is on full display throughout the interview.

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