Success Stories

Orleans Coffee

Orleans Coffee roasts the stuff that runs the Parish. The coffee roaster has been in business for over 30 years and made the move to the City of Kenner after Hurricane Katrina. Since then, the company has grown its business and its reach.

Coffee fans may know this product; Orleans Coffee is sold at a variety of coffee shops and restaurants around the region. The Windsor Court is just one notable business in the roaster’s long list of clients.

Bob Arceneaux, the company’s owner, rattled off a list of places where his coffee is sold.

“We’re primarily in Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish. We do have some coffee house customers in St. Bernard, St. Tammany, Terrebone, Lafourche Parish,” he says. “We have a nice customer base in Lafayette. And we have some businesses in Mississippi and Florida. I even work with a coffee house in Indiana called Chicory Café.”

Orleans Coffee can also be found in New York and Los Angeles. “We sell a lot of coffee and chicory in California,” Bob says. “It’s becoming trendy again.”

A few years back, Bob wanted to figure out how to expand into some of those markets and become a better boss to his 21 employees. He took advantage of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program at Delgado Community College.

“All I can say is that it was a life-changing event,” Bob says.

This small business course isn’t found everywhere. In fact, only fifteen community colleges around the country offer the Goldman Sachs program and Delgado Community College just happens to be one of them.

“I’m learning how to become a better employer to my employees. I’m learning better staffing, better management practices,” Bob explains. “Every division of the company every aspect of the company has to get stronger and Goldman Sachs has taught me how to do that.”

Today, Orleans Coffee roasts up to 1,500 pounds of coffee a day, which adds up to about nine 18-wheeler shipping containers per year. Last year, the company rebranded and added a new line of product, called Parish Coffee, to grocery store shelves.

“We needed better packaging to match up with our coffee,” Bob said. “Our coffee just keeps getting better and better.”

The company continues to blend new vision with time-tested products while bringing a taste of Jefferson Parish to people all over the country.